Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g
Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g
Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g
Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g
Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g
Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g

Molten Speed Wax Chain Lubricant - 500g

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For day to day riding, Molten Speed Wax is as far as we know – unbeatable.

Firstly – Waxing saves time – not adds time. Yes you need to pop chain off and stick in a pot to re wax vs dripping something on, but popping chains on and off with master links is very quick and easy. Turning a pot on and swishing a chain around in it later when the wax has melted is also not high on the difficulty scale! Yes overall it will add about 3mins of manual labour at the front end vs dripping more lube on – but you have an always beautifully clean drive train so you save all that time and much more not fighting the never ending drive train cleaning battle. The bigger your stable of bikes, the more time you save not having 2, 3, 5 bike chains and drivetrains to have to try stay on top of.

Secondly – Waxing is the only watts saving upgrade that also saves you proper $ in your wallet too. The parts longevity increase with waxing often needs to be experienced to be believed. Versus drip lubes, waxing simply has a few pretty much unassailable advantages.

1) It is solid and does not grab and hold every particle of dust and contamination, remaining very clean, and very low friction all the time. If your budget doesn’t stretch to race chains, just switching to waxing is the best low friction upgrade in itself.

2) Every re wax flushes out what little contamination is gathered leaving you with a beautifully clean, brand new looking chain every time.

3) After every re wax –  for “X” km your chain parts are articulating on two solid slippery wax surfaces,  pretty much leaving chain metal out of it. Drip lubes will have a liquid that is always “X” amount abrasive from contamination, abrading away directly on your chain metal. It is why drip lube chains wear out so fast. Drip lube chains usually hit 0.5 wear mark on park tool cc3.2 chain checker in 3000 to 6000km. MSW treated chains are usually 10,000 to 25,000km – the average for most is around the 15,000km range.  Your cassette and chain ring lifespan is similarly increased, so over time waxing saves you big $.

Chain wear (stretch) is caused by pins wearing thinner and the inner plate bore they articulate in wearing larger, allowing each link to be pulled a bit longer the more they wear (it is not a chains plates being stretched longer).  These are hardened steel parts being worn down from high pressure abrasive friction. The huge increase in chain lifespan using MSW is the clearest “proof of the pudding” day in day out very low friction of using MSW vs gritty liquid lubes.

The world of dirt, dust and mud is the perfect environment to be running solid lubricant vs a contamination absorbing liquid! Yes the harsher the conditions = re wax often – but popping chain into a pot frequently is not hard, especially when it is greatly extending the lifespan of your $550 xx1 eagle cassette and $170 chain!  (Oh and who doesn’t want a clean like new drivetrain all the time?)

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