5 Most frequently asked questions about E Bikes answered

There is a lot of excitement around electric bikes right now. With that also come few questions. Let us help you with that.

What is an E Bike?
Imagine a bike you still have to pedal but pedalling becomes way less effort and you can go a lot further. Hills seem to be flat, the ride is easier but you will still feel like you have done some exercise. Welcome to E Bikes! An E Bike is a bike with a built-in motor that gives you the extra push when you need it. While there are E Bikes with throttles we prefer a pedelec where you still have to use your own legs. Ok, are you ready to try it?

Where can I ride an E Bike?
Thanks to Australian regulations of maximum power output of 200w you are allowed to ride anywhere a traditional bike would go. With our FOCUS E Mountain Bikes going off-road becomes so much more fun. Nothing can stop you now!

How fast can an E Bike go?
An E Bike can go as fast as your legs can pedal. But it will only provide you with motor assistance up to 25km/h (that’s the law in Australia and most of the EU). At 25km/h the motor assistance gently ramps out and you are on your own, until the speed drops and the motor eases in again.

Are E Bikes just for those who want to take it easy?
Absolutely not! Even though there is a motor that will help out, you still have to pedal to get going. You have also a choice how much assistance you want to use. There are studies that prove that E Bike riders get on the road more often and cycle longer distances.  

How far can I ride?
We wish there was a simple answer to that. There are several factors that come into a play. Battery capacity, rider’s weight, level of assistance, the terrain, the speed...Did we say it’s complicated?

Let’s start with what we know. Our FOCUS E Mountain bikes carry the powerful combo of the latest Bosch PowerTube 625 lithium-ion batteries (625Wh) and the latest generate (gen4) Performance CX drive.  This is where it gets tricky. Luckily Bosch created a clever calculator for us to figure out the rest.

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