Our Story

My name is Steve Back, and with my wife, Iva, we created Beyond Byron E Bikes.  Our vision is to promote E Bikes as carbon free alternate transport and help foster a deeper connection to nature in our participants.  We believe that the more people are involved in nature, the more likely they are willing to fight to protect it.  In the words of David Attenborough

"No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced."

We moved to Mullumbimby from Bondi in 2016 with our dog, phoenix, and subsequently added two beautiful boys to our family, Jack & Ollie .  I was (and still am) a professional photographer and Iva is a graphic designer.

The idea for Beyond Byron E-Bikes was born on a self-guided cycling holiday in Puglia, Italy in 2017.  I loved it and could not understand why no-one was doing this in the Byron Hinterland. 

Two years later, living in Mullumbimby, and with a desire to also do our bit for the environment, I discovered Electric Mountain Bikes and it all came together.

Suddenly cycle touring was available to anyone of average fitness, cycling up hills becomes more entertaining than freewheeling down them and E Bikes became a credible alternative to cars for a lot of short journeys, and you still get some exercise to boot!

I borrowed an E-bike and having not cycled for 3 years, did a 100km ride with 700m of ascent in 5 hours and thought if I can do this, anyone can.  Exploring has never been easier

I look forward to taking you on a tour of the best bits of the Byron Bay Hinterland.