Route Notes - Unicorn Falls & Rail Trail

Information & Briefing notes for Northern Rivers Rail Trail E Bike Hire

Online Waiver - every rider needs to complete an online waiver at (if under 18 waiver needs to be signed by parent or guardian).  Signing the waiver indicates you are taking full responsibility for yourselves, the E bikes & any equipment provided.

Meeting point - The Billinudgel Hotel car park, Billinudgel.  I will be there shortly before the start time with the E bikes on a trailer.  The tour will start and finish there.

End point -

  • The standard tour (57km) ends  Opposite Moo Moo Roadhouse, in Mooball and we transfer you back to Billinudgel.  
  • The extended tour continues on through Wooyong Reserve to end back in Billinudgel.  This is a total of 73km and recommended for regular cyclists or people with high level of fitness.

E Bike Briefing notes for your reference

BOSCH remote controller operation

E Bike remote controller by left hand grip

Turning E Bike on & off - E Bike turns on/off with small on/off button on top/front of controller on left side.  Press and blue lights will flash and central screen will come on.

Assistance Level - The E Bike has 4 assistance levels (TURBO, EMTB/AUTO, TOUR, ECO or OFF) use the lower rocker switch to select level, press up to go to TURBO, down to go to EMTB/AUTO, TOUR, ECO, OFF.  We suggest starting in EMTB/AUTO and press up to TURBO if you want more assistance on hills.

Battery Level - The blue lights indicate battery level as well as a % on the top of the screen.  For the standard Unicorn tour you will most likley be fine as long as you use mostly EMTB/AUTO and save TURBO for the hills.  For the extended tour we recommend staying in EMTB/AUTO or below for most of the tour (this heavily depends on your weight, if under 80/90kg you will be fine)

E Bike Lights - You will need lights in the tunnel, press and hold the up button on the lower rocker switch to activate lights.  Press and hold to switch lights off.

Brakes - E Bikes have very good disk brakes, we suggest you use two fingers and squeeze both levers together gently to avoid locking up the wheels.

Pedals - Some bikes have Mountain Bike pedals with small pins to grip your shoes, be careful as these can scratch the backs of your legs if standing over the bikes.

Acknowledgement of Country - We wish to acknowledge the peoples of the Bundjalung nation, both past and present, as the traditional custodians of the lands you will be cycling across today.

Route Briefing - The Rail Trail

Main Arm Store - Great place to stop for coffee and snacks in Main Arm.  We generally park bikes in front of the store and order and have coffee on the balcony out front.

Gravel road to Mount Jerusalem National Park - stay left as locals can sometimes be driving too fast on gravel road.

Unicorn Falls - Do not miss the turn off for Unicorn Falls it is on teh right 2km along Manns road once you have reached the top of the climb into Mount Jerusalem National Park.  If you miss it the navigation will not tell you.  At the falls do not park bikes in car park, go along path right after the bridge to the open area by the stone bench.  Lock bikes there and proceed on foot to the falls.

The Burringbar Tunnel - the Rail Trail Tunnel is 524m long and pitch black in the middle.  It is essential to use lights (see above for operation).  It can be chaotic at times with many users not having lights.  Please endure lights are on, sunglasses are off! and proceed with caution.

Rail Trail Yellow safety barriers - these are positioned where roads cross the trail.  They also cause quite a few accidents with people clipping the barriers or riding outside the barriers and falling off the trail.  Take your time at the barriers and go through the middle.

Cafe options on your route

Hotel options

  • Mount Warning Hotel, Uki
  • Victory Hotel, Mooball
  • Billinudgel Hotel, Billinudgel

Any problems please contact Steve on 0409 454 613