E Bike Tour Briefing Notes

Information & Briefing notes Self guided E Bike hire & Tours

Online Waiver - every rider needs to complete an online waiver at waiver.ebiketour.com.au (if under 18 waiver needs to be signed by parent or guardian).  Signing the waiver indicates you are taking full responsibility for yourselves, the E bikes & any equipment provided.

Meeting points -

E Bike Briefing notes for your reference

BOSCH remote controller operation

E Bike remote controller by left hand grip

Turning E Bike on & off - E Bike turns on/off with small on/off button on top/front of controller on left side.  Press and blue lights will flash and central screen will come on.

Assistance Level - The E Bike has 4 assistance levels (TURBO, EMTB/AUTO, TOUR, ECO or OFF) use the lower rocker switch to select level, press up to go to TURBO, down to go to EMTB/AUTO, TOUR, ECO, OFF.  We suggest starting in EMTB/AUTO and press up to TURBO if you want more assistance.

Battery Level - The blue lights are battery level as well as a % on top of central screen

  • Do not worry about running out of battery on the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, there is plenty and its pretty flat, you can use TURBO all day if you want.
  • For the Husk Distillery tour and Unicorn Falls standard tour use EMTB/AUTO for tour and TURBO just for the big hills.
  • For Unicorn falls extended tour monitor your level and try to minimise Turbo usage. 

E Bike Lights - You will need lights in the Burringbar Tunnel, press and hold the up button on the lower rocker switch to activate lights.  Press and hold to switch lights off.  Remember to take off your sunglasses!

Gears - adjust gears to maintain easy pedalling speed, lower gears for climbing, higher gears for flat.  Remember to stop pedalling to change gears on the twist grip (Belt Drive) e bikes.  Do not force the gear change, it will free up when you free wheel.

Brakes - E Bikes have very good disk brakes, we suggest you use two fingers and squeeze both levers together gently to avoid locking up the wheels.

Pedals - Some bikes have Mountain Bike pedals with small pins to grip your shoes, be careful as these can scratch the backs of your legs if standing over the bikes.

Acknowledgement of Country - We wish to acknowledge the peoples of the Bundjalung nation, both past and present, as the traditional custodians of the lands you will be cycling across today.

Route Briefings


    In case of injury or emergency dial 000 for medical assistance

    Any problems please contact Steve on 0409 454 613