Hells Hole & Rainforest Tour - Kenny LOVED IT!

Kenny was our first paying guest on the new Hells Hole and Rainforest Tour, see what he had to say!

Come explore Hells Hole, one of Byron Hinterland's best kept secrets!   Have a great time getting there on a guided tour on one of our state of the art E Mountain Bikes.

Hells Hole is a magical secret spot up in Mount Jerusalem National Park.  A short walk along a riverbed through the rainforest leads to a set of cascading pools and waterfall with views out over the National Park.

There is nothing better than an invigorating swim in the pools to feel alive after a morning in the saddle.  It's pure Wim Hof.

If you are looking for things to do in and around Byron Bay, this should be top of your list.

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