Plan ahead and prepare

Sorry to keep you waiting
As promised we are back with a closer look at Leave No Trace principles to minimise our impact while outdoors. The first one, as you guessed, is "Plan ahead and prepare".

Sustainable spontaneity (it's a thing... honest!)
We are all for spontaneity but there are times when some planning is necessary. And here is why. 

  • It ensures everyone's safety
  • It minimises resource damage
  • It prevents any unexpected surprises along the way (yeah we don't like those)

Where to start

  • Identify skills and ability of the group so no one is put into risk. We always go at the pace of the slowest person, we are about the group experience and enjoying the ride.
  • Learn about the area you are planning to visit. We have travelled our routes many times, they and are tried & tested
  • Check the weather and choose equipment and cloth accordingly. If more than 50% chance of more than 10mm of rain, then we ain't going!  Free to postpone or get a refund.
  • Check regulations and restriction. We have an ECOPASS so are fully licensed to operate in National Parks.
  • Meal and drinking water plan. We pick up food from local suppliers along the route and make sure all litter comes back with us!
  • Check cooking facilities and fire bans. No fires or smoking on the tours.

Pretty simple hey! We would love you to share anything you do to ensure fun and a smooth trip. We are always learning!


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