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E bike tour in the National park Byron Bay

It would be an understatement to say we love nature. With that comes a great effort to protect and preserve it. So let’s do it! Here are some easy tips while travelling and camping in the great outdoors. 

Stay on your path
Trails were created for a great reason – to minimise the damage of the vegetation and communities of organism beyond their recovery. So stay on the path when you can, ok?

Watch your steps (and wheels)
Of course there will be times you will have to step into the wild so please do it with a great care. Choose durable surfaces like rocks, gravel, sand, dry grass or snow where possible. And avoid, well anything else including wet grass, muddy sites (sorry kids) and fragile soil layers. 

Going camping? Lucky you!
Build your tent on designated platforms where provided otherwise chose a site that naturally lacks vegetation or have been already highly impacted by other campers. Always camp at least 60m from the water's edge allowing access for wildlife. Leave enough time at the end of the day to find the right spot. Build the tent and then have that beer. 

Going wild
If you are camping in remote places always naturalise the area by covering scuffed spots with native material and raking matted grass to avoid other camper to choose the same spot making recovery much harder. 

Now that’s enough of reading. Time to get some fresh air. Hey, we know some great E Bike tours that are all about that!

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