We fell in love

By now you probably know we LOVE our E Bikes! 

But do you know why?
Ok, let me tell you a little story. It's about a guy, let's call him Steve.;-) He wanted to find a bike that would take him anywhere. Uphill, downhill and off road. All day, every day. It also had to look and feel great and last a long time. High quality equals sustainability. Gees, wasn't he picky! He tried few wheels until he found his soul bike (like a soul mate but a bike?!). 

 What Steve has to say:
"FOCUS E Mountain Bikes, designed and made in Germany, with the latest Bosch (gen4) motors, Shimano components and supersized 625Wh batteries, this bike is built to last and take you further than you thought possible." Sounds like he knows what he is talking about hey!

Sharing the love
It was the joy and excitement of getting easily onto the road and into nature we wanted to share most. And that's why we started our tours as well as selling FOCUS E Bikes. Check them out here.

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