Why are some electric bikes so much cheaper than others?

E Bike tour Byron Bay

It can feel a bit like a very expensive bottle of wine. It looks pretty much the same as the one half the price so what’s all the fuss about!? Well most of us learn pretty quickly the cheap stuff will cause you a much bigger headache. Do you know the saying, the poor man pays twice? Well when it comes to E Bikes there are a few things that come into a play.

It’s all about the size - no more range anxiety!
The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in electric bikes vary in sizes and capacity. The bigger the battery the longer you are able to cruise before you have to recharge. We like to have the maximum possible range so we opt for the latest Bosh PowerTube 625 (625Wh).

All the best bits
The pricier models of E Bike use high quality components that will endure all the riding fun and will last much longer, especially given the extra forces put on them by E Bike motors. Relying on high end brands like Shimano (brakes & gears) and Bosch (batteries and motors) is the key for us. Every part of our bikes - the frame, tyres, brakes, gears, pedals – has been designed for maximum performance and life span. 

Under control
Premium means it does what it says on the tin and will keep doing it. “Made in Germany” is pretty universal language for something designed and manufactured to a high standard that you can trust. That’s why our Focus E Bikes come with an extended 10-year frame warranty.

If we still haven’t convinced you that spending more gives you much more, come for a ride with us. Try our E Bike experience or join us on a great adventure through the National parks around Byron Bay.

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